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A lot of people want to be great, but the ones that are first received advice and followed it. As your host, I will be recording funny and memorable stories of people from all occupations. And I do this to show you how they made it on the road to success not only for you to follow in their footsteps. But so that you may be inspired to achieve the impossible.


Nelson Hill is a College student, pursuing a

degree in Communications. After listening to

“The Strangest Secret Ever” by Earl Nightingale,

he realized he wanted to inspire people to think,

to listen, and to act. He does that by recording

stories and the advice of people who have

accomplished a worthy ideal. He enjoys reading,

watching movies, making vlogs, and spending

time with family. His newest ventures are scuba

diving, snowboarding, and surfing. He created

this podcast to give advice and inspiration to

those who yearn to do the impossible.



Nelson Hill
If you want to tell your story and give advice for as long as you like, send me an email.