Maybe Stage Fright Is For The Best

        A young girl with a political background and unspeakable beauty wanted to act. After seeing Lisa Haru perform, acting was in her dreams day in and day out. As her future was set, she began taking piano classes and acting in Hollywood musicals. At age 12 she was taking weekend acting classes at a local theatre. She would also open up magazines and would dress up dramatically fantasizing about dates with handsome actors. With all the talent in the world she was missing one thing, an agent. With the money she had won from a school poetry contest, she spent it on an ad in the Casting Directory Spotlight. With no response for a long time, an agent spotted her gorgeous face and ravishing eyes. He had her do after school auditions, and at the age of sixteen she landed her first job dressed as Juliet in a TV Commercial. She then attended the Elite Westminster School where she was consumed by professional acting. After a couple months of performing in the theatre world, she found that acting in front of strangers was a lot scarier than she thought. Right when she wanted to quit, a local BBC casting agent fell in love with her looks and casted her onto the TV drama A Pattern Of Roses. The seventeen-year-old girl with untouchable looks and eyes like the ocean is Helena Bonham Carter. And the rest is history.

Nelson HillComment