From Extra To The Spotlight

     Jacob was a young 11 year old boy in L.A. who wanted to do one thing, act in movies. With his

father as a director, and his mother as a producer and screenwriter they only wanted him to act

in movies his father made. So he appeared in several of his father's films, but Jacob was only

extra. His parents insisted that he should get Summer jobs such as being a busboy, being a

lifeguard and working in homeless shelter’s. One day Jacob heard of an audition coming up and

he was the perfect age for the role. After his audition, the director asked him to go to Billings, 

Montana to shot do a read through. The director brought him into a room where Jacob read the

script for the first time. He said that through expressing himself in the script he found what he

wanted to do for the rest of his life. After 30 minutes of reading Jacob left the room, but before

he left the building the director ran after him and said, “Congratulations son, you got the part.”

This 11-year-old boy with an expressing tone of reality and a dream to act is known today as Jake

Gyllenhaal. And the rest is history.

Nelson HillComment