Card's Aren't Always Used For Gambling

Raymond was 8 years old when he saw his mother being beaten by other men. She would wear sunglasses around the house so that Raymond couldn’t see her black eyes. After years of Raymond seeing his mother getting hurt, he went to his mom and said, “Mom, buy me a deck of cards.” She replied, “Raymond I will not tolerate gambling in my house.” 3 months went by and Raymond asked her every day to buy a deck of cards. She finally bought him some and he went into his garage and flipped a card over. A seven was shown, he then did seven push-ups. He flipped it over again, an Ace was shown, he then did ten push-ups. He would do push-ups based off of the number that was shown on the card. You see he didn’t want the deck of cards to gamble, he wanted the deck of cards so he could be stronger than those men that beat his mom. His strength not only protected his mom but made him stronger for football. He didn’t want to be strong for football, he wanted to be strong for his mom. Football was just on the side. The man in our story is Ray Lewis, and the rest is history. 


Nelson HillComment