The Feeling In Missouri

It was a cool morning at the University of Missouri. And a young man with charisma and kindness was just about to graduate. Like all his other friends, he was full of excitement and energy to take on the world. He had two more credits to go before he would have his ring and a certificate that would have his name on it, but something stopped him. A feeling he couldn’t describe. After thinking and pondering on the thought of dropping out. He took the $325 he had and went to Hollywood. While his parents thought he was in L.A. for an Art School, he was auditioning for movies. After acting as an extra in most of his startup films, he finally had a shot to play a drifter in a movie. It is said that his face was so beautiful, his eyes were so perfect, that all he had to do in the movie was take his shirt off and the fame rushed to his feet. After directors and produces noticed this blue eyed and blonde hair man. They began handing him scripts and offering him contracts for movies we love to this day. As he was being interviewed he said, “Looking back now I have some regrets, but I never regret having that feeling of dropping out of college some years ago.” The man in our story is Brad Pitt and the rest is history.

Nelson HillComment