From School Plays To Movies


     Tommy was 15 years old when he left his hometown to move to New Jersey. And Glen Ridge High school was waiting for him. Moving schools as a freshman weren’t the easiest thing. When he arrived in New Jersey he didn’t want to be the ordinary student who went to school for four years and didn’t do something big. As he watched the wrestling team practice he decided to give it a shot. After some big accomplishments in the wrestling, he sprained his knee. Since he wasn’t allowed to play for a couple months, he made the decision to audition for the school play. The young man had never acted before but he couldn’t fathom the thought of being the regular student. He did well in the school play, he actually won the leading role. After he graduated his mom wanted him to go to Duke University to become a Catholic priest, but he had other plans in mind. After dropping the idea of becoming a priest he went to Hollywood and this time he wanted to make his mark in the world. Acting had never been a big thing for Tommy. But landing the leading role in his school play gave him the confidence to do something great with it. The man in our story is Tom Cruise and the rest is history. 

Nelson HillComment