Blue And Britt Werth -- How A Couple Is Learning To Cope From Their New Born Baby's Death

This is Nelson Hill and your listening to Following Wisely which is proudly produced by WRSA Studios. Following Wisely gives me a chance to interview people of all occupations who have accomplished a worthy idle. I interview these people to find out their hobbies and interests, their story and advice so that way you may be inspired to do great things as well.

    Blue and Britt Werth are a couple living in North Carolina, Britt grew up in West Texas and Lynchburg Virginia and Blue is from Western North Carolina. They met in the Spring working at a camp and it was just a mutual, “Hey how you doing.” A few years later after being married, they had a baby in June of 2016 and they lost their child 5 weeks after she was born. We first talk about how Blue made his move to pursue his wife. We also talk about how Blue and Britt spent the last day with their newborn baby, how Britt overcame PTSD, the importance of having friends to be there with you, realizing that it’s ok to have different forms of grief and their advice to couples that have lost a child.

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