Jeno Scionti -- The Technique Behind Closed Captioning, The Benefits In Court Reporting and How The News Has Changed

 This is Nelson Hill and your listening to Following Wisely which is proudly produced by WRSA Studios. Following Wisely gives me a chance to interview people of all occupations who have accomplished a worthy idle. I interview these people to find out their hobbies and interests, their story and advice so that way you may be inspired to do great things as well. Jeno Scionti is a Closed Captionist, he wakes up every morning at 4 am and puts the captions up on the Fox News TV for you to read. He has been involved with Fox News for 12 years, we talk about how to be a good Closed Captioner, how his schedule works, what makes lawyers likable and how court reporting works. Jeno first speaks about his job as a Closed Captioner. If you are interested in Closed Captioning, the top three colleges are Kaplan University you can visit their website at, Indiana Wesleyan University you can visit their website at, and Baker college online you can visit their website at For weekly interviews subscribe to the podcast.

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