Carlin Andreas -- A Marine Veteran's passion, who was taken out of battle and diagnosed with cancer

This is Nelson Hill and your listening to Following Wisely which is proudly produced by WRSA Studios. Following Wisely gives me a chance to interview people of all occupations who have accomplished a worthy idle. I interview these people to find out their hobbies and interests, their story and advice so that way you may be inspired to do great things as well. Carlin Andreas a Marine Veteran from Brooklyn New York not only gives us his story about his father spending time with him or the impact foster care had in him, but his experience watching 9/11 occur at the age of 12. Carlin was also brought into a passionate family that he was not apart of but that never stopped him from joining the Marines. While in battle his hip blew out which forced him to leave the Marines and get another job. After searching for a new occupation he found a job to lead worship at a church in San Antonio. With everything going well, his doctor told him he was diagnosed with cancer. Carlin Andreas is now a videographer, who has filmed the movie God’s Not Dead and many other Christian films. He lives every day like it is his last, by doing the very best he can in his work. For weekly interviews subscribe to the podcast. 

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