Shawn Clark -- Disciplining your kids properly, the importance of spending time with them and the effect a parent mentor can make

This is Nelson Hill and your listening to Following Wisely which is proudly produced by WRSA Studios. Following Wisely gives me a chance to interview people of all occupations who have accomplished a worthy idle. I interview these people to find out their hobbies and interests, their story and advice so that way you may be inspired to do great things as well. Shawn Clark is a father of five boys, he’s a hard worker and him and his wife are excellent parents. In this episode, we talk about how to discipline children, the importance of spending time with them, and how crucial it is to have a mentor that is further along in parenting than you. Shawn first talks about his wife's first pregnancy with their child TY that they almost lost. for more questions about parenting you can contact him at

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