Mariah Pelton -- The true inspiration to the character Anna from Frozen

This is Nelson Hill and your listening to Following Wisely which is proudly produced by WRSA Studios. Following Wisely gives me a chance to interview people of all occupations who have accomplished a worthy idle. I interview these people to find out their hobbies and interests, their story and advice so that way you may be inspired to do great things as well. Today's interview will be with Mariah Pelton a person you may not know, but you do know the Disney character that was designed after her feature's. Mariah as a child was involved in a minor Disney ride accident and as a result, Disney gave her and her family free passes and they were able to stay at Disney hotels for free for 11 years. She began modeling dresses for a simple women's store, as she was modeling one weekend a bridal expo was going on right across the street and the top model for the show couldn’t make it so the designers saw Mariah across the street and began doing her hair and makeup. She later began auditioning to be a princess for Disney. She was denied, but the casting director pulled her aside and he told her that he really liked her look. He asked her about her lineage and her moms adopted so she didn’t really know. She has one partial white eyebrow and she has no idea how it got there. Doctors and dermatologist don’t know how it got there, and since she had it she has met a lot of people that have different white spots on their hair or eyebrows. The casting director liked what he saw and used her facial features, including the white eyebrow, and Kristen Bell's features. Through the both of them he made the character Anna. Mariah is currently working at a summer camp and is making a difference with the Gospel. Her Instagram is @mariahpelton.    

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