5 Benefits To Having A Mentor

          Having a mentor is difficult to find, which is why most people (including me) don’t consider it. But through having a mentor you can have new ideas, experience different things, and become better at your occupation. I have also found five things that will help you thru ought your life if all you do is meet with a mentor.


            1. They will give you a new perspective. When you have an idea, a thought, or argument you’re mentor may give a different perspective that will completely change your idea. I remember when I was re-applying for a job that I was rejected by, but the manager told me I should apply again. After applying for the second time the boss came to me and said, “We will definitely except you, but there will be a lot of rules and regulations that you’ll have to follow.” I told my mentor that by the time I am excepted, I think they’ll forget about the rules they put on me. It was a stupid thought, but my mentor told me that they will never take the rules away. My mentor opened my eyes to the fact that I need to go into work expecting to be watched. This new perspective didn’t get me fired.

            2. They will provide accountability. If you have an addiction to porn, drinking, talking to much etc., a mentor will help with those. My dad had a friend who recently became sober, but there was one problem. Whenever he would drive by a particular gas station he would be tempted to stop in and grab a couple beers. In order to not stop by the gas station, he would call my dad every day to get his mind focused on something else. After a couple months, the man wasn’t tempted when driving by the gas station. A mentor will be accountable for your addictions.

            3. You will learn from their mistakes. One of my mentors was going through a tough time with a girl he was talking to about dating. She was very pushy and just wanted him to make a decision to date her or not. He took two and half months to tell her that he didn’t want to date her. He told me a year later that he should have just made a decision and not allow her to push him around. I learned that letting a girl push you around is bad for someones character and integrity.

            4. They will give you advice. There was one time when I was late to a non-mandatory staff meeting, and my boss noticed. A week later when I met him for mentoring he said, “Hey for future reference, don’t be late to a meeting. I know it’s not mandatory for you to go to the staff meeting, but it can turn into a bad habit.” He gave me advice that helped me throughout my career as a worker.

            5. They speak truth when you don’t want to hear it. I had a Summer job one year, and throughout the Summer I was very prideful and arrogant. One of my mentors pulled me aside and told me the hard truth about he selfish I was being. No one wants to hear about their problems and weakness, but that’s the only way we learn.

            In conclusion, find a mentor because they will give you a new perspective, provide accountability, show you their mistakes and speak the truth when you don’t want to hear it.


Nelson HillComment