3 Ways To Kill Negative Emotions

      Negative emotions are harmful, loud, and sometimes will not go away. I have found three ways

to kill negative emotion that comes into my head. This will help you be

self-assured, and it will also give you peace of mind.

     1. Replace every negative emotion with a good thought. When you’re doing something new

it’s completely normal to encounter step backs and think

negative. So, give yourself time to learn and grow, while thinking of the good things you have

done in the past.

     2. Stay focused on what you're doing. The people who are great at what they do find a way to

stayed focused for long periods of time. They don’t give up when things get hard. Find ways to

stay focus and upbeat through the activities.

     3. Don’t talk to people who don’t believe in you.  When you surround yourself with people

who are constantly seeing the negative in your activities and in others, negative emotions will

never go away. Find people, make friends who believe in what you’re doing and your mind will

find ways to overcome any negative thought. Also, be the friend who supports others, even when

issues arise.

     In conclusion, if you want to kill those negative emotions you must replace them

with good thoughts, stay focused on what you’re doing, and never talk to people who

give you only the negative outlook on things.



Nelson HillComment