5 Ways To Kindness

Being kind is one of the things we do without knowing, but sadly we don’t do it enough. We show kindness in many different ways; opening the door for people, letting someone cross at the stop sign, complementing a friend on their appearance. The problem is we tend to show more kindness to the ones we love, than to the people we dislike. If this is your dilemma like it is mine, I have found 5 ways that will enable you to show kindness to your friend and spouse.


    1. Sharing your home. There was one time when my family was in North Carolina visiting some friends and we had no place to stay. There was no hotel nearby because of the town was so small, and the people we were visiting already had a full house. One of our friends introduced us to a family that took us in for two nights. We had only met them once, but they opened up their home to us, who were complete strangers to them. Sharing your home can be scary at first, but you never know how much fun you’ll have and how much kindness you will give.
    2. Encourage. When I was five-years-old my mom started homeschooling me. It was frustrating for her and it wasn’t easy. After one month my dad could tell she was getting discouraged, so one night at the dinner table he said, “Babe, you’re doing a great job homeschooling Nelson. I can tell he has been more respectful and loving because you spend time with. Keep it up.” Encouragement is something we all need and it brings satisfaction and a happy heart to the one receiving it.
    3. Listen. I remember one point in my life when I was getting really upset at my boss. He wasn’t the nicest person in the world, which made me angry all the time. I had to get my thoughts out of my mind. And one of my friends always took the time to listen. He helped me realize how I was complaining and not getting the job done. When you listen to someone you’re not only showing kindness, but you’re also helping them hear themselves. As a result, they eventually change their state of mind.
    4. Speak well of others. When you gossip, you’re ruining someone's character. You might cause them to be fired, disliked, or mistreated. When you speak well of others you are not only revealing their character. But your character as well. Bosses and managers listen to other people talk about other people if he hears you talking well about someone. He or she is probably going to talk well about you.
    5. Surprise others with gifts. Last Christmas, I was riding with my grandma while playing Take Me Home by John Denver. My grandma looked at me and said, “This song is my life.” When we got home I purchased the CD and surprised her with a Christmas gift. She started crying when she received the present. Giving an unexpected call, gift or meal shows that you took the time to give them something. Surprises will never be forgotten.
    In conclusion, to be kind you can, share your home, encourage your friends, listen to people, speak well of others, and use the element of surprise.

Nelson HillComment