5 Ways That Keep You From Rejuvenating

Even though there are a lot of good ways to rejuvenate, I have found there are a lot of bad ways

to rejuvenate.

    1. Smoking. Doing this will cause damage to your vital organs, create a hole in your throat,

and it causes stress.

    2. Gossip. We've all done it, it happens I have recently caught myself doing this. I would take a

10-minute break and all the sudden I found myself talking to someone else about someone else's

mistakes. It’s unhealthy and a time waster.

    3. Watching TV. This can cause premature death, reduce your level of intelligence, and

obliterate your ability to concentrate. I watch movies instead of TV, which can do the same thing.

    4. Drinking alcohol. Getting drunk can shrink your brain, cause cancer and create sexually


    5. Unhealthy snacks. healthy snacks like protein bars, fruits, and vegetables are fine. But eating

candy, snickers, and chips to rejuvenate will actually make you dumber.

    In conclusion, Smoking, gossiping, watching TV drinking alcohol, and eating unhealthy snacks

will keep you from relaxing and rejuvenating.



Nelson HillComment