10 Ways To Live A Meaningful Life

   Living a meaning full life is hard. You have to do things outside of work, but on top of that, you might have kids. And even if you don’t have kids you still may not have time to help a nonprofit organization, meet once a week with a friend, or give your time to serve others. I am going to give you 5 ways to live a meaningful life inside and outside of work.
Living a meaningful life at work:
    1. Work hard. When you do everything your boss tells you to do to the best of your ability, I guarantee that your coworkers will notice, and your boss as well. You will help yourself by working hard, also the company will prosper. Be that person that people can count on, customers trust, and always putting others before yourself.
    2. Be helpful to your coworkers. If there’s someone that doesn’t understand something or a new employee; give them advice, help them see what they’re missing, and make them feel apart of the team. Build them up and always look for the good in others.
    3. Remember the steps. If you’re a new guy, remember everything your boss or manager tells you. This will show you’re boss you’re attentive and they might give you raise.
    4. Get to know someone. Ask people questions, make them feel important, hang out with them on the weekends. They say students stay in college because of their friends. I bet if you had a close friend a work, it would be more of a joy to go.
    5. Serve others. Bring some of the people coffee, write them an encouraging letter, or buy everybody cookies, protein bars, or Gatorade. Do something that involves you serving them.
    Working hard, being helpful, remembering the steps your boss gives you, getting to know someone, and serving others is the only fraction of what you can do to live a meaningful life at work.


(For parents and kids) How to live a meaningful life at home:
    1. Clean. I know I know, it’s no fun, but when you clean you set an example of discipline and kindness to your siblings. Start with your room then move your way towards the living room.
    2. Serve. Try to cook dinner, do the dishes, set the table, or help your sibling or kids with their homework. Think about others and serve them.
    3. Mow the lawn. If you always get into a fight with your brother about who mows the lawn like me and my brother do. You should try mowing it yourself, it will give your parents free time.
    4. Take out the Trash, without being told. When you see a bunch of garbage overflowing over the trash bag and stinking up the house. Throw it away, it takes 2 minutes out of your day.
    5. Stop complaining. This will bring you blessings, and ease the pain of others who are hearing you. I’ve seen my mom and dad have headaches and bad days, all because I constantly complain about not having something I want. Being thankful is the antidote of complaining.
    To live meaningful life at home you should clean, serve, mow the lawn, take out the trash without being told, and stop complaining. These things are just a fraction that will make you feel accomplished.


Nelson HillComment