5 Ways To Be Joyful

    There is one thing that will boost your immune system, protect your heart and reduce pain. Being Joyful. You can show joyfulness by being thankful, smiling, laughing, and having a good time. I am always caught up in school work and sometimes find it very difficult to be joyful in tough situations. That is why I am going to give you five actions that will help be joyful.


    1. Look at the good. Have you ever seen Pollyanna?! It’s a movie about a girl who moves into a town that is very depressed. Long story short, she was always looked for the good in things, which made her and the people around her more joyful.
    2. Smile. You know when you’re walking and you accidentally make eye contact with someone else. It’s a little awkward right! I bet if you smiled, not like enormous smile from cheek to cheek. But just a simple smile, will not only brighten their day, but your’s as well. Because when you are looking joyful you will also feel joyful.
    3. Laugh. My dad was reading an article about people that will meet once a week and laugh for thirty minutes. These people will literally stand up and start laughing, you should try it. If you’re wondering how you can laugh more. Watch comedy movies or funny youtube videos. Hailee Steinfeld said that whenever she’s feeling down she will look up on YouTube, “Funny videos.” As crazy as it sounds, laughing makes you more joyful.
    4. Be thankful. If you find it very difficult to be thankful, then sit down and list all the things that have been given to you. Be thankful for the people in your life, the opportunities you have, and for just being alive. I had a teacher and one of his daily rituals was to sit down every day before going to work and listed all the things that he was thankful for. He said it wasn’t easy at first, as humans we sometimes don’t take the time to be thankful. But after about a minute he couldn’t leave the house, because he began to realize everything that had been given to him. And he counted it as a blessing. When you’re thankful you’re joyful.
    5. Be kind to others. Showing kindness means opening the door for them, getting them a drink, say something nice about their appearance. Start being nice and polite to others. I had a friend named James, and he always said “Hi” to me anytime he saw me. He was never self-centered, and always included people who were excluded. By showing kindness to others, everyone around him could tell how joyful and happy he was.
    Being joyful gives people the best impression of you. You can either always be the person others complain about because you’re always upset. Or you can start being joyful and be the person everyone loves to hang around. Be joyful and have fun.

Nelson Hill