3 Ways to Master the Art of Patiences

Patience will never be attained if you are unwilling to preserve. Perseverance will not only get you what you want but will make a patient person. And patience creates a character inside of you that is untouchable. The problem is we lack waiting, listening, and doing what needs to be done. Here are three easy ways to master those actions that will make you a patient person.


    1. Waiting. As crazy as it sounds, one of the ways to be patient is to wait. Tim Ferris, who is a Podcaster I admire, has a goal to interview Oprah Winfrey. But he says instead of contacting his agent to contact her agent, he has to wait for the right moment. I listen to Tim Ferris’ interviews and I ask myself why doesn’t he just ask her to interview her. I’ve recently realized that if he rushes the opportunity, he might loose it by being to forward. Waiting is no fun and often aggravating. But sometimes when you rush an opportunity you loose it. There was this girl I really liked when I was sixteen-years-old and she liked me too. But the only problem was, I didn’t wait to go to her dad. I went to him at seventeen-years-old, I should have stayed friends with the girl and waited for the right moment to go to the dad. I eventually lost the opportunity to date her. Never rush a relationship or an opportunity, let it unfold by itself and it will be all the more glorious.
    2. Listen. When you’re around a group that you’re comfortable with, it’s very easy to be loud and have fun. You should sit back and listen, watch what all of the other people do and the mistakes they make. I struggled with this a lot, when I’m with a group of friends. I tend to say things that get me into a lot of trouble. I remember when I was bragging about me being pulled over by a cop and almost getting a ticket for speeding. I made a complete fool of myself and my parents eventually found out, which led to a lot of bad events unfold. And all of this happened because I was unwilling to stay quiet. Try to listen and when you want to say something, be patient and don’t.
    3. Do what needs to be done. I remember when I was writing an essay for school and Mission Impossible Six was in theaters and I really wanted to go see it. My paper was due on Monday, so the plan was for me to write the essay on Saturday. I went to the movies and had a good time, Saturday rolls around and I go to the mall with some friends. Long story short, I didn’t write my essay when I needed to. I wasn’t patient, I put my wants first instead of putting them aside. The more you put you wants aside, the more patient you will be.
    In order to be patient you must wait, listen, and do what needs to be done. This will not only bring you success, but will make a person of respect and honor.

Nelson Hill