The Benefits of Love

Love might be the only thing that makes someone feel safe, comfortable, and wanted. We say I love you all the time. Parents tell their children, boyfriends tell their girlfriends, and sometimes we tell our close friends “I love you.” We also express love through words, touch, and emotion. Parents show love to their kids by providing shelter, food, and clothing. A brother may show love to a relative by complimenting him or her on something. God showed love to the world by sending His Son to die for us. Everyone shows love in their own way.
    I remember when my brother wanted to wear a black jacket that I had in my closet. I was going to wear the jacket, but I knew that it wasn’t going to kill me to give it up. And as a brother, I need to show love by letting him wear my jacket. So I did.
   My dad will take us traveling about once every two months. In a way, he is showing us love through spending time away from work and spending money away from his needs.
My cousin Tariq shows love to his wife Camille by spending time with her. And putting her needs before his own.


 An example of someone not showing love comes from a short story about Jim and Toby. Jim lived in Texas and he was your typical jock. He always hung around a group of friends that were just like him. And one day he saw a kid named Toby talking to one his best friends. Toby had really long hair, he wore skinny black jeans and had a lip ring. And he was the furthest thing from an athlete. Some of Jim’s friends knew Toby and really liked him even though he was different from them. So they invited Toby to eat lunch with them, and to the party that was going on at Jim’s house that weekend. Jim was furious. Despite the fact that Toby was very nice by trying to befriend Jim and asking Jim how he was doing in school, what was his favorite thing to do, and if he liked the New England Patriots. Toby was just being his natural self. But Jim couldn’t get past his appearance. So he excluded Toby from the group and watched him put his head down and walk away. Jim made him feel unwanted. He never picked on him or called him names. He was just super judgmental, which showed that he was not being loved and kind to Toby.
    It’s a sad thing, not showing love. It hurts others feelings, emotions, and self-confidence. So if you haven’t shown love to your brother, sister, neighbor, friend, or anybody. You should talk to them, befriend them, and show them some love. Because doing that will not only benefit them but will benefit you in so many ways. You will feel a sense of satisfaction, you will also feel liked and loved by the person you are showing love to. And in the words of P.T. Barnum, “The noblest art is that of making others happy.”

Nelson Hill